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  1. Make sure you are calling Modular Diners, Inc. at (770) 455-1495, because some companies may pretend they are us. They may also lie to you about our company to try to get your business. They may try to fool you by saying they sell "Modular Diners" in their website search listings. They will also tell you untrue stories. Find out the true facts for yourself.
  2. Be suspicious if you are told a diner order was just cancelled and you can get a special deal. Diners are built for specific State codes and may not be transferable to your location. Don't be fooled by the promise of big savings, because it just could be another sales gimmic to get your money. Verify that the diner even exists and go see it before you sign any agreement.
  3. Some companies may pressure you to sign a "refundable" deposit agreement for diner plans. Before you sign any agreement, have a lawyer review it to make sure you will get your money back without any need for legal action.  
  4. Ask questions up front about the company and the factory.
  5. Google Search the "diner company's name and lawsuits."
  6. Ask if the diner company does business under many different corporate names and if so, why?  
  7. Don't make any deposits until you have compared what each diner company has to offer. 
  8. Ask for references and call them before you sign any agreement.
  9. Visit the factory and make sure it is the factory that will build your diner. Get it in writing.
  10. Don't accept diner sketches as real-engineered plans for an existing building. Ask to speak to an owner of the diner depicted in the sketch to make sure it exists and can be built to pass all laws.
  11. Insist on checking the brands of equipment included. Make sure you are getting top quality brands like Hobart and Vulcan.
  12. Be very careful of exaggerated claims about how many diners a company has built and whether they have actually put diners in every State. Make them give you specific locations and then check them out.
  13. Be very suspicious of those companies that tell you financing is easy to get, or that they will make you a personal loan. Remember, you are buying a diner, not a used car. Talk to your bank first.
  14. Make sure a lawyer reads the builder's contract before you sign it or pay any money. Protect yourself, it is worth the investment!


Remember: "You can't get a good deal from a bad company"

Modular Diners had a choice: Design and build diners that offer as little as possible so we can sell them as cheaply as possible, or design and build diners that offer as much as possible so in the long run your cost would be substantially lower.

We decided to choose the best because we know that the benefits of quality construction and equipment far outweigh the disappointments of bargain basement materials and pricing. If you buy a Modular Diner, your investment, by any measurement, is really a bargain.

Modular Diners are all-steel and concrete built, NOT "wood-framed wobbly-boxes." Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. "Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good."

Give us a call and let's discuss how we can help YOU!
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