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 What size property do I need?

The property size will vary according to diner size, local regulations for parking, set backs, water retention, etc. We suggest that you consider having an acre or more to start.

 Do you finance the diners?

Modular Diners suggests that you obtain financing through your local bank. We can suggest other third-party financing sources, but we do not finance diners ourselves.

 Does Modular Diners offer other models?

In addition to diners we offer other modular buildings, including Convenience Stores and Drive-thru food service units. Modular Diners can also custom build to your design and modify any of the Starlite model diners to fit your special needs.

 What about colors, fabrics and seating design?

You can choose your own colors and designs. We can assist you with choices and suggestions.

 How long does it take to build and deliver my diner?

Depending on the size and style, we can usually deliver in 90-120 days after full construction plan approval by you, your State, and your Local governmental departments.

 What type of equipment comes with the diner?

We use equipment from leading national manufacturers. All or any equipment may be changed to your satisfaction.

 What about warranties?

Your diner structure comes with a one-year factory-direct warranty against defects from materials or workmanship directly from the factory. All the equipment has at least a one-year guarantee.


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