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The Nation’s Premier Stainless Steel Retro Diner
The Starlite model Diner is the nation’s premier, fully-transportable, full-service, equipped diner. Created and designed by restaurant professionals for maximum efficiency and profitability with ease of installation and operation. The durable Highly Polished Stainless Steel exterior and functional Retro style interior makes the Starlite model Diner an eye-catching magnet for customers. Put yours on a shopping center pad, hotel or motel parking lot, adjacent to a highway exit or any busy thoroughfare right in your hometown. Starlite model Diners are built with steel and concrete, they are fully air-conditioned and conform to any State’s building codes. You choose the interior colors. Seating is available for 40 to 250 or more customers.
Our modular buildings are NOT mobile homes! We use heavy I-beam steel framing, steel studs (not wood) and include a 4" poured concrete floor over a steel deck. A one-foot by 14-foot section weighs approximately 1000 pounds! Multiply that by 60 feet as a typical diner section and that weighs 60,000 pounds or 30 tons! Show me a mobile home that weighs that much. Now when you add back sections of the same size, you add 30 tons for each section! That is probably more weight and strength than an entire mobile home park! Another difference is that the steel deck bottom of the diner is welded together and welded to steel plates that are throughout the concrete foundation. In other words, our diners are strong and built to specifications to match local codes, like in Florida where the wind load is 140-160 mph. No mobile home I know is built like our diners! 

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