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Starlite Model Retro Stainless Steel Diners---The Great American Diners!

Modular Diners, Inc. is the only place to get a new, great American classic Starlite Stainless Steel diner. Modular Diners will have it built by a first-quality modular factory. Your diner will look like a genuine 1950's American retro diner and include all the cooking equipment, seating and more! Ready in Short Order!


Great News!

Now YOU can afford a Starlite Diner!


We have special deals now on brand new Starlite model diners, including equipment, delivery and setup.

The Starlite Mini Diner  (20 seats) is priced at $265,000
The Starlite Streamliner Diner (42 seats) is priced at $395,000


The Starlite Prince Valiant Diner (50 seats) is priced at $450,000  


The Starlite Classic Diner (76 seats) is priced at $595,000


The Starlite Red Star Diner (100 seats) is priced at $659,000


The Starlite Stardust Diner (130 seats) is priced at $795,000


Delivered and Installed on your Foundation


Financing Available for Qualified Applicants -- Call for Details


Give us a call and let's discuss how we can help YOU!
Or, fill out a Contact Form